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The School was created on the basis of the Minister of Navigation’s order nr 25 from 01 March 1967 as Technical School of Sea Fishery in Kołobrzeg. Its students were trained in one specialty:

· deep-sea cutter fishery

            In August 1972 the Minister of Navigation’s order introduced new teaching specialties:

· navigator (deep-sea fishing)

· marine engineer (engine-rooms and ship’s auxiliary machinery)

            In 1973 the Students’ House was completed, in June 1974 – the school building and workshops. The School was given a banner.

            In 1975 Post-Secondary Vocational School was created, with specialty:

·  sea radio communication

            In 1976 Technical School of Sea Fishery, Post-Secondary Vocational School, Elementary Technical School, and Vocational School attached to Fishing Company “BARKA” formed Complex of Schools of Deep-Sea Fishery in Kołobrzeg. Up to 1976 students had their sea trainings on school ships of Marine Academies from Gdańsk and Szczecin, as well as on cutters and sea-going vessels belonging to various fishing companies.

            In 1976 the School assumed possession of its own training and factory ship mt “Admiral Arciszewski”, which once took on board 56 trainees. The students had their apprenticeship on sea areas operated by Polish deep-sea fishing vessels.

            In 1977/78 and 1978/79 the School started educating foreigners. 36 Vietnamese graduated from Post-Secondary School of Sea Radio Communication.

            In 1977 the School was admitted to UNO schools within FAO. We educated some citizens of Nigeria but also organised a school in Angola, where a group of our teachers was sent. Our alumni joined the crews of deep-sea ships and cutters, worked as deck and engineer officers, became skippers of the fishing fleet of the central coast.

            In 1992 a new specialty was created:

· Technical School of Environmental Protection. 

            By the terms of a decision of Minister of Transport and Sea Management from 17 August 1993 Complex of Schools of Deep-Sea Fishery changed to Complex of Marine Schools. The Complex of Marine Schools comprises the following units:

*Technical Marine School with the following specialties:

· marine engineer (engine-rooms and ship’s auxiliary machinery)

 · navigator

 · engineer of environmental protection (water conditioning and sewage treatment)

*Secondary Vocational School which provides education in mechanical and sea-related subjects,

*Advisory Point of Marine Academy in Szczecin,

*Branch of Centre of Vocational Training for Sea Management in Szczecin,

Minister of Transport and Sea Management is the managing and supervisory organ for the School.

            In the 1990s the didactic base of the School was modernized, which resulted in creation of modern classrooms:

•Computer Studies

•Foreign Languages (computerised)       

•Navigational simulator

•Simulator of Machinery and Control Room

•Engine Laboratory

•Simulator of water treatment plant for the needs of Technical School of Environmental Protection

•Sea rescue room

Within the frames of sea education the School offers sailing courses based on its own sailing equipment.

In the School the students can join:

•School Sailing Club “BOREASZ”

•Radio Club

•Sailors’ Music Club “BOREASZ”

•Interest classes

            Since 01 January 1999, due to administration reform, the managing organ has been Foreman of Kołobrzeg District.

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